Who we are

FreshDesigns is a small graphic design business that specialises in communication design.

We focus, but are not limited to, corporate communications.

This means things like magazines (printed or digital), newsletter design and coding, emailers, intranet banner and promo designs. Any elements to help your staff understand key communications.

We also do logo and brand development, strategy, video and can help with social media.

who we are
corporate communications

What we do


We have over 15 years of experience in the corporate communications environment. We help create stunning communication pieces for staff, exco and stakeholders. 

These communication elements range from staff magazines, digital publications, newsletters and intranet promos to dedicated campaigns.

Clients like Old Mutual, Old Mutual Investment Group, Nedbank and Livingston International (Canadian based) can’t be wrong!


There is an ever increasing demand for digital communication solutions. We have a range of platforms digital options available.

We also do website development and maintenance, newsletter design and coding, emailers, basically anything digital.

Chat to us to see how we can help your business communication needs.


Wether you have a new brand idea or an existing brand that needs a refresh or repositioning, give us a call to chat.

We love helping brands reach their full potential.

We can help with strategy, design and production.


We believe in longstanding relationships. Our approach is therefore to always cost fairly and transparently. You will never be over charged or under delivered. There are no hidden or surprise costs at the end.


Our vision is to not just create beautiful design, but design that clearly communicates your message. Especially in a fast paced world.


We make use of various solutions to help your messaging reach a digital audience much faster, with greater measurables.