The need for corporate magazine design

To understand what makes great corporate magazine design, we must first understand what magazine design really is.

A magazine design consists of elements like headlines, images, captions, bylines, subhead and body copy. 

Understanding how these elements fit together to grab attention is essential. Combine this with conveying info and messaging and you have a design challenge on your hands!


The short answer is yes! But there are more things to consider than just simply designing a magazine. Firstly, you have to define the audience. Is it merely staff or will stakeholders and external people be able to view it as well?

More importantly is brand and corporate identity (CI) guidelines. Some companies want to stick strictly to the CI rules. We found that a nice compromise is needed. Especially if you are designing an internal staff magazine.

You can successfully combine CI elements, such as typography and colours, with some more freedom in design structure. This forms the backbone to successful magazine design. Not only do the staff engage with your content, but in cases we have seen it use as marketing tool.

Another reason for a corporate magazine is the fact that smaller satellite offices feel more engaged. Their remote location and lack to interact or internet access often times make them feel out of the loop. But by making your magazine easily accessible to these staff members, you ensure great engagement. Not only that, but they also feel valued and involved.

Old Mutual's NOW magazine
NOW | Old Mutual's staff magazine

There needs to be a balance between CI/brand identity and something that’ll intrigue the staff. The risk is always there to make it look like just another company brochure or advertisement piece.

We have also found that companies with a dedicated editorial team makes for better quality material. The reason for this is that they understand the business. Plus they are easy to get hold of, should business units want to place an article. It also helps to set clear deadlines for the business to respond to.

It sounds super simple, but it is a process that needs constant refinement. This has enabled us to win various awards for one of our clients, Old Mutual. We rebranded their staff magazine, Amicus, to NOW magazine. It also matceh their vibrant new CI launch in 2017.

Print or digital
Print or digital?


The world is changing rapidly. The needs for printed and digital communication design changes everyday. So what is the answer? Print or digital magazines? 

Check back next week as we give you some insight into print as well as digital publishing. In the meantime, check out some of our design work.