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CASE STUDY: Hellsend website – from Wix to WordPress

Towards the end of 2020 we were contacted by the team of Hellsend Bike Compound to assist them in redoing their website.

It was quite an interesting case for a few reasons. Firstly, the designer/developer upped and left a week or two before the site launch was due.

The owner, Frankie, had recently bought out her business partner and was looking at restructuring the business, but was left with no website before the relaunch.
And to top that, Covid-19 had hit, causing all sorts of supply chain issues.

The challenges

case study hellsend problems
CASE STUDY: Hellsend challenges

The fact that the designer/developer upped and left is shocking. The only option left for the client was to create a website in a rush. This prompted her to make use of Wix, as it is widely advertised as a simple solution. So simple that you don’t need any knowledge or skills…

This proved to be a huge mistake.

The client quickly learned that what is done onscreen does not relate to real world usability!

Mobile views were terrible, cluttered and not user friendly. Plus they were unfortunately also sucked into the trap of getting a customised domain name to get rid of wix preface on their URL.

Apart from the bad Wix layouts and functionality, there was no structure or planning for the user experience (UX) of the site.

After a few meetings a few pointers came to light. They wanted a site that matched their brand and new retail shop space. The site needed to be mobile friendly. Plus, the client wanted the option of expanding to an e-commerce store, but current supply chain issues makes that difficult to control.

The solutions

case study hellsend solutions
CASE STUDY: Hellsend solutions

Armed with all these new discoveries, we set about analysing their brand.

Hellsend Bike Compound is one of the largest Trek agents in South Africa. Their fully equipped workshop makes them a premium destination for bikes, parts and advice. If you also factor in their trail partners and location of these trails in the Stellenbosch area, it really positions them as a cycling hub.

We suggested a WordPress approach for a few reasons.

It would be easy to create a site in a short time frame. E-commerce functionality and product management can easily be added when needed. All products, services and updates can be self-managed.

We created a new UX. Content and information was structured to flow better. Relevant information was also grouped together on pages or sections where they made more sense.

Next we built website wireframe and a prototype using Adobe XD. This prototype was sent to the client for feedback and approval before any work commenced.

CASE STUDY: Hellsend prototype

Professional portraits were taken. This always makes a huge difference in the quality of the site. New shop photos were also taken.

case study hellsend portraits
CASE STUDY: Hellsend staff portraits

Copywriting was also required for the website. Our network of creative professionals made this a smooth, seamless addition to the project.

You can now also book a service for your bike. There are a range of service options available to choose from.

case study hellsend service
CASE STUDY: Hellsend service booking

Elements out of our control are things like their current web host. The server is a lot slower than we are used to. We optimised the site as far as we can, but hopefully in time they will change service providers.

You can check them out here.

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