Why outsource your design needs to South Africa?

Why outsource your design needs to South Africa?

Budget cuts, uncertain economic times… we look at why outsourcing to South Africa makes sense.

Businesses are under great pressure to perform and reclaim what was lost during the pandemic.

Uncertain economic conditions and the rising cost of business operations add to this pressure. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of outsourcing your graphic design needs to South Africa.

The pros

outsourcing pros
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Exchange rates

The biggest factor is money. With the South African Rand on the backfoot, it really makes sense. The exchange rates make it favourable for both the client and the designer.


Super-fast internet and web based management systems such as Basecamp makes project management so much easier.

Sharing, collaborating and managing projects, workflow and deadlines are as easy as clicking a button.


Time zone differences can be a huge plus. It enables us a  South African business to schedule time and projects as needed.

The cons

outsourcing cons
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As with all things in life there are some cons. But this can easily be managed. Let’s look at a few potential issues.

Time zone differences

Although this can count in your favour, it can also cause some stumbling blocks. Often times clients are hours ahead or behind South Africa.

This can be frustrating when dealing with tight deadlines or emergency jobs. But with good time management this is avoidable. As a South African business we try and be as accommodating around this as possible. Sometimes this means 8pm meetings on a Friday evening!

Cultural and language barriers

These could become huge stumbling blocks. Yet you can familiarise yourself with the business, country and cultural differences.

Guidance from the client also goes a long way in making this process easier.


This isn’t so much of an issue, but the setup and automation can be tricky at first. Thereafter it should be smooth sailing. We use Xero accounting to automate, track and deal with currency differences.

We have successfully partnered with Livingston International in Canada since 2017.

The scope of work includes print media (catalogues, brochures, marketing material). presentations and even digital elements. A favourable exchange rate and proper project management all help to cement this relationship. 

Looking to outsource your graphic design and creative needs?